About Abdul Hameed

Growing his stance in the Real Estate industry, Abdul Hameed serves as a committed Real Estate professional with years of impeccable experience in the sales industry. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, he grew up under the influence of his father, a builder and real-estate investor who also operated a very successful Pakistani restaurant. Inspired by his family’s long time experience in real estate, Abdul earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Karachi, Pakistan, before relocating to Canada in hopes of starting his career.

Once there, and living as a student, he entered the workforce, gaining several positions that would allow him to grow his knowledge and skillset in the field of sales. The first of these positions was that of a Sales Person at various retail stores which lead to him into management and, winning Top Sales Area Dealer multiple times. Following these achievements, Abdul became the owner of a very highly profitable franchise. As this business became successful, he was then able to open multiple other franchise locations.

Today, alongside starting the company, Instant Cash, which provides financial services to consumers that fill the gap that exists in Canada’s banking system.  He now focuses his abilities, knowledge and passion on his role as a Realtor.  Dedicated to exceeding each and every one of his client’s goals, he utilizes years of experience in not only sales but also communication, integrity and negotiation as he helps individuals and families through the process of buying a home. Driven by their satisfaction and appreciation from finding the property of their dreams, he plans to continuously grow his family of realty clients in and around Canada.

Outside of his role as a Real estate professional, Abdul works with interfaith communities, uniting others regardless of different opinions or beliefs. He also serves alongside officials, during events and programs that aim to bring diverse communities together through faith-based organizations. Continuing to serve humanity, in every way he can.

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